Could Your Office Chair Be Causing Your Neck or Back?

Do you spend a majority of your day behind a desk, either working on a computer or doing paperwork? And at the end of your work day, do you notice stiffness or pain in your neck area, down your back, or both?

It is possible that your office chair may be the cause of your discomfort, which means that a few visits to your Florham Park chiropractor (and a new chair) may be just what you need to be able to do your job without being sidelined by pain.

Not All Office Chairs Are Created Equal

Although it should seem that a chair is a chair (as long as it has a seat, back, and legs), not all office chairs are created equal. Some are merely a place to sit, whereas others are designed to keep your spinal column in place, allowing you to work longer hours with less neck and back pain as a result.

What kind of chair should you use if you have a job that requires that you sit most of the time? Here are some pointers to keep in mind:


  • Height - Select a chair that allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor and forearms at the same height as your desk.

  • Seat - Choose a seat that allows you to sit all of the way back, with a couple of inches between the back of your knee and the seat.

  • Lumbar Support - An office chair that allows you to adjust the lower back to the specific curvature of your spine will help reduce your neck and back pain.

  • Swivel - Ideally you should be able to swivel easily in your chair so that you are not straining while trying to reach right or left.


At Rivano Chiropractic and Health Center in Florham Park, NJ, we can help correct any issues your current chair has caused as well as help you pick out a new chair that has criteria perfect for you. Call and schedule your appointment with Dr. Rivano today!