Progressive Functional Rehab

Progressive Functional Rehab™ is a form of therapeutic rehabilitation exercises that are implemented after patients have moved past the acute phase of care into the corrective phase of care. At this stage of treatment the patient is instructed on active therapeutic exercises to correct the underlying cause of their particular condition. If patients are beyond the acute injury phase before entering the office then they may be fast tracked into a Progressive Functional Rehab™/corrective phase of care to expedite the healing process. Many variables exist that are very individual in nature such as severe disc herniations, severe muscle strains or ligament sprains, or chronic conditions such as patellar tendonitis, chronic plantar fasciitis, chronic ankle sprains, etc. and these conditions will require some form of acute care therapy before engaging in a Progressive Functional Rehab™ program.

Ultimately, the patient is given a specific exercise prescription that addresses any muscular imbalances that may have led to their initial injury. The patient is carefully monitored in the beginning then instructed on continuing the Progressive Functional Rehab™ exercises at home.

The office is conveniently fully equipped to execute the necessary exercises that will help patients overcome their musculoskeletal obstacles.