Back Pain Relief in Florham Park NJ

Dr. Rivano provides safe and effective relief of back pain in Florham Park and Morris County, NJ. 

It’s common knowledge that chiropractors treat back pain, but before a doctor can help you find the back pain relief you need, he or she will need to determine the type of back pain from which you are suffering. The description of “back pain” can encompass many different symptoms and causes, which in turn impacts the best treatment for any given type of back pain. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few succinct descriptions of different back pain symptoms, causes, and treatment methods.

  • Symptoms: The first step to securing back pain relief is to determine the localization of the pain you are experiencing. Most chiropractors break back pain descriptions down into three different localized categories: upper back pain, middle back pain, or lower back pain. Within these area descriptions, back pain can take a variety of different forms, from dull stiffness or aches along the spine to tingling pain that radiates through the buttocks and down the legs, all the way to incredibly painful muscle spasms in the lower back.
  • Causes: Given the range of forms back pain can take, it’s not surprising that a number of different causes can be to blame. Most often, back pain is the result of spinal misalignment or of tension in the muscles and bones of the back. These factors, in turn, can be caused by a range of different impetuses, from a man overexerting himself while trying to lift a heavy object to a woman sitting too long at work. Other types of back pain can result from pinched or inflamed nerves, arthritis, sports injuries, and more.
  • Treatment: When Florham Park chiropractor Dr. Rivano treats back pain, he'll need to be made aware of the back pain symptoms so that a diagnosis can be made of what is causing the pain. Once the diagnosis is rendered, he can begin treating the patient by making small spinal adjustments that eliminate tension, restore spinal alignment, and reduce back pain. These manual adjustments, coombined with exercise, EPAT, Cold Laser Therapy, and Active Release Technique, generally completely solve back pain issues and restore full mobility and comfort to the patient.

If you're searching for a drug-free, non-invasive treatment that has been proven to help relieve back pain, chiropractic could be your answer. Rivano Chiropractic Health Center has helped many patients in the Florham Park and Morris County region overcome chronic back pain. Call our office get back to your pain-free life today.