4 Natural Neck Pain Relievers

Having chronic, consistent neck pain can drain the energy right out of you. It can make you miserable, unhappy, and overall dissatisfied with the world around you. Fortunately, there are four all-natural pain-relieving options that can help you begin to enjoy life again.

They are:

  • EPATEPAT stands for Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technique and it involves sending sound waves to the affected area, encouraging your body to speed up the healing process. Just a few 15-minute sessions are often all you need to start experiencing some relief.

  • ART – Another treatment option available in our Florham Park chiropractic office is ART, or Active Release Technique. This method helps release any scar tissue or adhesions you may have in your neck area, thereby relieving your pain.

  • Chiropractic Care – Another valuable pain-relieving option is chiropractic care. Sometimes neck pain is caused by having vertebrae or discs out of place in your cervical area, making a visit to your Florham Park chiropractor necessary to easing your neck pain.

  • Exercise – Although you may think that engaging in exercise may make your neck pain worse, it will actually help it – as long as you do it right. Dr. Rivano can show you a number of different exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home, speeding the healing process and helping you feel better faster!

Don’t let your neck pain affect your quality of life. Come in and see Dr. Anthony Rivano of Rivano Chiropractic and Health care in Florham Park, NJ and let him help you live a pain-free life.