Sciatica Patients Avoid Surgery with Chiropractic + Physical Therapy

Lower back and sciatica pain can be substantial hindrances in your daily life activities. You cannot play the sport you love, going to work becomes difficult, and giving your 100% to your family and your loved ones seems impossible with the constant pain and body stiffness. The question is what should you do to get pain relief?

Studies on the efficiency of surgery for sciatica have reported somewhat controversial results. On an average, 5% to 10% patients undergoing microdiscectomy surgery experience repetitive herniated discs. For patients undergoing lumbar laminectomy (another common sciatica surgery), almost 20% to 30% don’t experience the substantial improvements in pain and function they expected. The risks involved in sciatica surgery are really serious as well including risk of nerve root damage, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, infections, and a lot more.

So again, if the procedures are so risky and there is a slight chance of pain recurrence then what to do? Research comparing spinal adjustments to microdiscectomy for sciatica, found that 60% of patients were able to avoid surgery through non-invasive chiropractic care. Another recent study  carried out by a group of Danish researchers was aimed at identifying the efficacy of physical therapy in patients who qualified for surgery.

The subjects were divided into two groups; one group was provided symptom-related physical therapies whereas the other group was assigned exercises to increase blood circulation but not specifically target back pain. The patients were also advised to stay as active as possible without worsening their leg or lower back pain.

By the end of the 8-week treatment program, patients in both the groups reported immense reduction in their pain levels. The results of the symptom-targeted physical therapy group reported comparatively better improvements in pain, global assessment, functional and vocational statuses. Although this isn’t the first study of its kind, but this research study further strengthens the reliability of chiropractic care and physical therapies as an alternative to surgery for severe sciatica patients.

At Rivano Chiropractic Health Center located in Florham Park, NJ, we meet a large number of patients going through severe sciatic pain, lower back problems, and herniated discs. Our main goal is to provide patients with the perfect combination of physical therapies and chiropractic care which help tackle their problems from every angle.

Dr. Rivano is a Florham Park chiropractor who believes patients should first opt for a non-invasive, non-surgical method of relief prior to resorting to surgery. Often, natural alternative like chiropractic care and physical therapies can off a better long-term solution for sciatic nerve pain.


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