Pay Less and Benefit More with Chiropractic Care

Did you know that drug-free chiropractic solutions are less expensive and more effective than many common medical treatments in alleviating  your back pain?

When we consider opting for medical treatments for our ailments, the first thing that we consider is the cost and benefit of our chosen option. As long as we are getting good quality of medical care from a trained professional who can relieve our painful symptoms, we are willing to pay the price. However, there is a limit to how much you can spend on health care from your monthly budget and savings, and if you still do not get a relief from the back pain, the money is truly wasted.

Chiropractic solutions for back pain and other medical conditions have been shown to be more cost effective compared to other medical treatments, such as, surgical procedures and medications.

With more and more people shifting to alternative means of curing and preventing diseases, a study was conducted to determine which of the alternative treatments is being used the most. The results show that nearly 75% of the people who opt for alternative treatments are choosing chiropractic solutions for their healthcare.

So how is chiropractic reducing healthcare costs? Find out below:


  • Fewer Examinations and Medical Tests: Going to a FlorhamPark chiropractor will usually mean that you will save a lot of expenses due to lack of repetitive X-Rays and medical tests.

  • Less Expensive Procedures: Physical therapies for back pain and other painful symptoms can cost less than surgical procedures. For instance, if you compare a physical therapy with a knee transplantation surgery, the therapy will undoubtedly cost less and be more effective with pain reduction. The post-surgery care and costs will also add to the overall treatment, making it a lot more expensive that chiropractic options.

  • Drug-Free Solution Means No Side Effects or Medicine Costs: As chiropractors offer drug-free treatments to medical problems, you do not have to spend your monetary reserves to deal with medical side effects and reactions. Furthermore, as you are not taking medications for your treatments, you can save the money that would’ve been spent on costly medications.


Florham Park chiropractor Dr. Rivano practices completely non-invasive and beneficial chiropractic care  to ensure that you are relieved of your back pain. So call Rivano Chiropractic  Health Center now to book your appointment in Florham Park, NJ today.