Neck Pain Triggers and Treatments

Whether subtle or extreme, neck pain has the ability to make your days feel longer and nights feel shorter. It can darken your mood, dampen your spirit, and take the luster away from life. That is, unless you make it a point to go to your  chiropractor and do something to take care of it.
Neck Pain Triggers
Plenty of issues can bring about problems in your neck, which is the cervical area of your spine. Being involved in a car crash can cause whiplash injury, as will any trauma to the neck. Sports injuries can create neck pain too, leaving you stiff and sore.
Poor posture can also contribute to neck pain since the spine isn't positioned in a way to effectively support your head. This can cause to strained muscles, headaches, and dizziness, which can further reduce your quality of life.
When you carry stress and anxiety in your upper body it can tense up the muscles in your neck, causing aches and discomfort that extend from your shoulders to the top of your head.
Neck Pain Therapy
Fortunately, getting chiropractic care can combat all of these causes of neck pain (as well as several others) and get you back to living your life and doing the activities you enjoy most. With spinal manipulation therapy, Dr. Rivano is equipped to ease the pain that you are experiencing and guide you on the path to recovery.
Enduring persistent neck pain is no way to live. Schedule a session with Dr. Rivano in Florham Park, NJ today so that you can start to be pain-free tomorrow.