Why Do You Have Neck Pain?

While you’re rubbing your neck pain muscles or warming / cooling them with hot packs or cold packs, you may be wondering what are the causes of neck pain.

For everyone, the answer is a little different. Here are common causes of neck pain:

  1. Trauma to the neck, such as in a car accident.

Whiplash is a condition where the head is thrown forward and then whipped backwards. The result is neck pain, headaches, muscle stiffness, and even vision changes.

  1. Trauma to the neck from a fall

A fall can also cause whiplash or injury to the bones, muscles, and tendons of the neck. The good news is that all these soft tissues heal with pain-free, non-drug treatments your Florham Park chiropractor is equipped and ready to use; such as Active Release Technique, EPAT, spinal adjustments, and more.

  1. Trauma to the neck from getting hit or hitting your head

One of the somewhat "classic stories" about neck pain from getting hit in the head follows. A female patient with neck pain couldn’t relieve her pain for years. In the personal history she discussed with her chiropractor, she revealed that when she was five years old, she was waiting to use the only bathroom in the home. Finally, her dad emerged from the bathroom, but the door swung out and smacked her in the head. She cried and cried for days because of her neck pain.

Unfortunately, her family and friends didn’t understand how a chiropractor could help, and she continued to suffer from neck pain for over 30 years, to the point where she was disabled.

Someone mentioned the benefits she could receive from chiropractic and she listened. Within a few treatments, she noticed less neck pain. A few more treatments and she started feeling good. A few weeks later, her personality was returning. She is now healed from her neck pain and knows that if it returns, she needs to return to her chiropractor in Florham Park or wherever city she is living in for a treatment.

  1. Excessive muscle activity

When muscles in the neck fire constantly, you’ll always get neck pain. This is when you’ll need a treatment method that can be used that can temporarily relieve the contraction and induce muscle relaxation. Modern day chiropractic treatments do that.

  1. Disc herniation

There are even methods for disc herniation that your Florham Park chiropractor can use – and successfully relieve your neck pain.

  1. Arthritis of the neck

Pain-free, drugless methods of treating arthritis can also successfully relieve neck pain.

There are many other reasons to end up with neck pain. The point is that you don’t have to figure it all out. Just let your Florham Park chiropractor, Dr. Rivano do the work and create your treatment plan. Your neck pain can be a thing of the past.