Low Back Pain & Proper Movement Patterns

Most patients enter the office with the usual low back presentation that occurred as a result of what they would define as a specific mechanism of injury. However, research today demonstrates that most low back injuries are a result of improper movement patterns that have been precipitating for many months to years before the injury presents. When there is aberrant or abnormal movement patterns due to muscle imbalances abnormal wear and tear of joints occurs. This leads to constant misfiring of muscles that eventually leads to the proverbial "straw that breaks the camel's back" symptomatology. By correcting these aberrant movement patterns through chiropractic joint manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, & neuromuscular re-education patients are likely to experience pain relief initially through neurophysiological processes. In the next phase of treatment, correction of the initial cause of injury is addressed. Rehabilitative exercises are then implemented so that the patient may develop and strengthen their individual weaknesses as well as stretch the overactive muscles that have attributed to the cause of the injury. Ideally, this can be accomplished in a matter of a few weeks, sometimes sooner, and sometimes in a matter of a few months. It truly depends on the individual, their age, level of fitness, smoker or non-smoker, whether or not they are compliant, and their level of desire to maintain an exercise rehab program outside of the office setting.