Chiropractic Care Effective After Failed Back Pain Surgery

 Have you suffered from recurrent disc herniation or persistent back pain, despite having received surgery in Florham Park? Chiropractic care and physical therapy could help.

It is thought that nearly half of all patients who undergo surgery for back pain see no improvement following the procedure. Unfortunately, many patients undergo a second or third operation following the initial surgery. However, there may be other options besides additional surgeries. Recent case studies demonstrate how chiropractic can help patients with recurrent lumbar disc herniation and back pain following spinal surgery.

One case study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine involved a 31-year old man who was treated with surgical spinal decompression and a laminectomy after disc herniation. Although his symptoms initially improved, his leg pain and lower back pain returned two and half years later. A chiropractor treated the man with spinal mobilization and guidelines for at-home exercises. After four weeks of care, the patient's pain decreased from a 6 out of 10 at best to a 4 out of 10 at best. He also had improved range of motion in the lower back, as well has reductions in leg pain.

The same study also included a case report of a 60 year-old man with leg and lower back pain. This patient's herniated disc first appeared 27 years earlier, and although he had been treated with a L3-5 laminectomy, he continued to suffer from flare-ups. His low back pain was severe enough to make driving and sitting for long periods difficult. A chiropractor used side-lying chiropractic adjustments and flexion-distraction mobilization to treat his disc herniation. By the end of treatment, he was able to drive long distances without increased pain, and showed other signs of functional improvements.

In yet another case study, a 24-year old man also suffered from recurrent lumbar disc herniation after failed back pain surgery. Rather than opting for additional surgeries which would require him to take more time off work, he opted for chiropractic care  because it allowed him to work while he received non-invasive treatment. Twelve weeks of chiropractic care lead to a 32% decrease in disability scores and a 70% decrease in pain.



Florham Park chiropractor Dr. Rivano treats many patients with chronic back pain and failed back pain surgery syndrome. If you are currently suffering from back pain or recurrent disc herniation, call Rivano Chiropractic Health Center today to find out more about chiropractic and physical therapy that can provide effective back pain relief in Florham Park, NJ.


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