Florham Park Headache Treatment

Headache is a common complaint that we see daily in our office in Florham Park, NJ. Experts estimate that over two out of three people suffer from regular headache pain, so if you suffer, too, you're not alone.

Headache can have a variety of different causes. The pain can stem from stress, traumas, poor posture, auto accidents or just everyday activities. One common type of head pain is cervicogenic headache, which arises from an injury in the cervical spine or neck. Inflamed tissues or ligaments may pinch nerves leading from your neck to the back of your head and above your eyes. Patients may experience migraine or tension-type symptoms. Studies show that simple chiropractic neck adjustments can relieve cervicogenic headaches in many patients.

Dr. Rivano has helped many of patients in Florham Park, NJ recover from chronic headaches, and we can quite possibly help you, too. First, we'll do a detailed evaluation to establish the root reason of your headache pain. Next, using a variety of methods, we'll help restore your spine's normal functioning to reduce strain on your body and nervous system. Many of our patients see a rapid improvement in their frequency and intensity of their symptoms.

If you are close to our clinic in Florham Park, NJ and you suffer with persistent headaches, give our office a call at (973) 845-6282 today to make an appointment or get more information.