4 Common Causes of Neck Pain in Florham Park

There are many people who take pain medications because of an ache in one area or another of their body. Whether for a stiff knee or a sore neck, taking pain meds on a long term basis is not the healthiest way to treat your body. If you are suffering with a crick in your neck and you are unsure why, then you'll want to see your Florham Park chiropractor, Dr. Rivano, who can help you explore the following possible causes for neck pain.

Old Injury Resurfacing

If you played sports in high school, were involved in a car accident or had some sort of injury this can be the cause to your chronically stiff neck. Even if you did not suffer a serious injury to your neck you may be surprised to find that the pain can surface there years later. Sustaining an injury can cause a ripple effect throughout your body which in turn can cause tension and inflammation, both of which are key components in those who suffer from chronic pain of any sort. If your injury caused a spinal misalignment that has not been corrected, you can continue to suffer from neck pain for years to come.

Tension and Stress

When a person has an overabundance of stress in their life on a daily basis they may find they start to suffer neck pain or even chronic headaches. This is because all of the tension will be carried in the shoulders therefore cause your muscles to stay tense around the neck and shoulders.

Spinal Alignment

Your spine can get misaligned for any number of reasons. Perhaps you did sustain an injury at one point, this can cause a misalignment. Pregnancy is another reason the body can get misaligned. In addition, sitting at a desk too long, exercise, wrestling, jogging and many other common activities can cause your spine to not be where it needs to be. One of the best ways to ascertain if this is your trouble is to visit a skilled chiropractor. They will be able to not only let you know how your spine looks, they will also be able to provide an adjustment should you need it.

Neck Pain Relief in Florham Park

If you're searching for neck pain relief in Florham Park, Dr. Rivano is a chiropractor experienced in the careful diagnosis and treatment of spinal conditions. He'll work with you to identify the cause of your neck pain, then build an individualized treatment which could include chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique, EPAT, cold laser therapy, and more. These treatments can provide you symptoms relief now, while preventing neck pain in the future. Contact our office in Florham Park, Morris County, NJ today.